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When to Enrol

Enrolments are accepted all year round but the best time to enrol your child into Primary School is in Term 1 – the year before your child is due to commence school.

Contact the school office by phone or in person to put your child’s name on the enrolment list and you will be given/sent an enrolment form. Alternatively, you can download our Primary School Enrolment Package.

The following documents are required with the enrolment form:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Baptism Certificate
  • Immunisation History Statement (IHS)
  • Child’s Photo
  • Copy of Residential Identification
  • Copy of Student Visa (If applicable)
  • Copy of Special Needs supporting documentation (if applicable)
  • Copy of Family Court Orders/Family Plan (if applicable)

Enrolment interviews are usually held in May. You will receive a letter or phone call before the end of Term 1, informing you of a time for you and your child to come in and meet with the Principal or member of the school leadership team (if appointment not made prior to this). Written offers of placement will follow early in Term 2.

Download: Catholic Primary School Enrolment Package