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Religious Education Curriculum

Religious Education is a vital component of the school curriculum, regarded as one of the school’s Key Learning Areas.

Religious Education is at the heart of who we are at St John’s School, through our interactions with one another, our daily prayers, our loyalty to the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church and our genuine desire to be an organisation, which reflects the values of Christ as we educate children in their faith.

Religious Education helps the students to develop their knowledge of their faith through daily formal instruction from the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum.

Children also participate in Parish and School Liturgies, Sacraments and Prayer Celebrations throughout the year. These include:

  • Class Masses
  • Celebrating School Mass with the whole community
  • Joining together as a school community to celebrate the beginning and end of each term
  • Daily prayer in the classroom and at school assemblies
  • Presentations by different classes of the different feast days that take place during the year
  • Prayer celebrations before assemblies
  • Sacraments and Rosary
  • Flag raising ceremonies which acknowledge our indigenous landholders