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Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care is central to the ethos and identity of St John’s Catholic Primary School.

There are many facets of Pastoral Care. It is both explicit and implicit in its expression. However, it is best defined in the expressions of care that bring to wholeness the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of all within the school community.

At the heart of Pastoral Care is love and it invites each member of the school community of self-giving where the school culture fosters a sharing of oneself in order to give life to another.

The focal point of Pastoral Care at St John’s is one of shared responsibility and is witnessed through our policies and practices that focus on developing:

  • relationships with God, self, others and the environment
  • a positive school climate
  • the formation of self-discipline and responsibility
  • personal safety
  • positive regard (self-esteem) and programs that address the needs of students
  • comprehensive and inclusive approaches to learning and teaching through the curriculum
  • effective networks / structures of care from within and outside the school community
  • stewardship

We commit ourselves to a shared vision of a positive and inclusive school where students and those who enter our learning and teaching environment will feel safe, valued and respected.

Challenging Behaviours of our students are addressed through Restorative Justice practices. These practices nurture and support in creating quality relationships, while building resilience and social skills in our students.