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Behaviour Management

Three school rules provide the basis for behaviour management at St Johns:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

Behaviour management in non-classroom and classroom areas is guided by the School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning Program.  We have implemented a School-Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning SPB4L Framework over the next 3-5 years. The goal of SPB4L is to help parents and school staff, create and maintain a safe, supportive learning environment, promote positive life skills and reduce negative behaviours so that all children can succeed in school.

The SPB4L Framework focuses on building a positive environment for children and staff by establishing clear expectations for children and taking active, explicit steps in teaching, modelling and reinforcing appropriate behaviours school-wide.

SPB4L applies a behaviourally based systems approach to enhance the St John’s School Community and in doing so aims to design an effective school environment in which quality teaching and learning can occur.


  • focuses on creating and sustaining school-wide (universal), classroom (secondary), and individual (tertiary) supports that improve lifestyle results for all children by making problem behaviour less effective, less efficient, less relevant and desired behaviour more functional.
  • establishes a leadership team that guides the implementation of SPB4L strategies.
  • develops a set of core behavioural expectations for all children in the school, across all school settings.
  • engages all school staff, parents and children in maintaining expectations and employing strategies.
  • teaches consistent expectations across all areas of the school.
  • provides positive reinforcement for compliance with expectations.
  • establishes a hierarchy of consequences as corrective procedures.
  • collects data on the use of established procedures and the impact of those procedures on behaviour.
  • builds a set of procedures for maintaining SPB4L strategies school-wide.