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Parent/Carer Engagement

As a Catholic learning community, St John’s strives to be welcoming and connected, supporting the engagement of parents and carers in their children’s learning and wellbeing. At St John’s, we recognise the importance and value the role parents/carers have in the education of their child and the life of a school. We work together to strengthen relationships between family, school, parish and the wider community to benefit the development of the children in our care. We welcome and value parent contribution to our school.

We understand that work and family commitments can make it difficult to be involved in an ongoing way, but you can engage in your child’s learning and wellbeing by supporting and/or attending:

  • Mass and prayer celebrations with the parish and school community
  • Our Parish-based sacramental programs
  • Parent information nights and parent/teacher meetings
  • P&F Meetings and community events
  • School assemblies
  • School open days and special occasions
  • ...and offering any other practical assistance either on-site or from home

You can also engage in your child’s learning and wellbeing simply by working with the school to create a stimulating and supportive environment for them both at school and home – working together collaboratively to connect both learning environments.

This is best achieved when parents and school work in partnership to encourage positive and respectful relationships, regular and meaningful communication about children’s progress and development, and a consistent positive attitude to learning, education and school life. Get to know your child’s teacher and other staff – this is a great way to build this most important relationship!

Find more information and resources on parent engagement here

View our Parent/Carer-School Partnership Framework


Volunteers offer a valued support base for St John’s, assisting school staff to provide a range of high quality opportunities to promote the learning, wellbeing and growth of students. As partners in the education of your child, St John’s encourage parents and carers to play an active part in the school life of their children and appreciates that you will consider volunteering when the school asks for assistance. The protection of children entrusted to our care, is a very serious responsibility.

  • Some ways you can be involved may include:
  • Supporting library assistants by repairing and covering books
  • Assistance on excursions when required
  • Assistance at sport carnivals and gala days
  • Helping out at and attending P&F functions

Please note: Given our commitment to safeguarding children, volunteers will first need to organise a Working with Children Check (WWCC) process – information and forms can be found on the CEDoW website.


The Parents & Friends (P&F) Association is the formal parent forum for St John’s. 

All parents/carers and families are invited to become involved with the P&F, who work collaboratively with the school and parish about matters that affect your child at school, as well as providing valuable support in many areas of school life including social events, fundraising and community building.

All parents are invited to attend the P&F meetings held each term. Details of the meetings will be communicated via the school newsletter.

If you can’t attend meetings there will be other opportunities to support the work of the P&F throughout the year. 

Our P&F Executive and representatives are as follows:

President: Jodie Maloney
Vice President: Ashleigh Balliana
Secretary: Renee Whiteside
Assistant Secretary: Helen Knowles
Treasurer: Ashlee Luis
Assistant Treasurer: Jessica Ralphs
Fundraising Coordinator: Julia Najjar

To contact our P&F Executive, please email